Youths United for a Vision to Achieve !!

Who We Are


     “Some say that the Youth of The Nation have become USELESS !

But they don’t  see that they are USED-LESS.”


The only thing missing is  proper guidance and a worthy motivation.

We are blessed to be given a chance to serve the mankind , by the society itself in many ways, even its problems which can also be seen as an opportunity to solve them and inspire many to DO THEIR PART .


 And here we are to do our bit – YUVA is a voluntary non-governmental organization primarily working on its vision of lighting the lives of unprivileged ones who are shrouded in darkness through clean renewable energy and sustainable technology and alleviating from their sufferings to some extent.

It also works towards the upliftment of the poor above the line of poverty and leads them on the path heading towards good health and education for their little ones thereby creating a better and promising tomorrow ...



Legal status -

MYE - 4 - 00094 - 2013 - 2014