Youths United for a Vision to Achieve !!

Vision and Objectives

Objectives -

  1. To improve the quality of life of the people of Rural India and help them in becoming less                dependent on conventional fuels which is better for them both for health and economic reasons.
  2. To help them in their education and alternative sources of income to help them grow in life.
  3. To help spread awareness about health.
  4. Youth and women empowerment.
  5. Socio-economic upliftment of poor.
  6. Promoting SHG’s , microfinance , rural entraprenuirship.
  7. Empowering physically handicapped.


Other Objectives -


  1. To promote rainwater harvesting
  2. To plant trees and support the causes related to environmental protection.
  3. To raise voice against wildlife destruction, poaching animals , hunting etc.
  4. To render help for the people during the disaster, terrorist attacks and create  awareness about        disaster management among people.
  5. To conduct programmes and projects to support the protection of India’s  heritage,culture and           tradition in both urban and rural areas.