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Our first step ...

Light Up Revolution” is an initiative by YUVA to replace harmful kerosene lamps from the lives of unprivileged ones and equip them with cleaner and safer source of light through Renewable energy and Sustainable technology. This will not only improve their economic condition but will also prevent health problems associated with fumes of kerosene lamps. Students will now have a cleaner source of light which will decrease the number of students dropping out from schools. Thousands of liters of kerosene fuel will be now be saved and green houses gases emitted by the lamps will also be reduced making it a environment friendly initiative.

To mark the starting of this revolution YUVA has planned something innovative.

Lighting 1000 poor families across Karnataka that too in a single day, on 26th January 2014.When the whole nation will be celebrating Republic day, volunteers of YUVA will step down to rural areas to serve the countrymen. This will not only create a positive mindset among the people about youth but will also enhance the starting of a new revolution “Light Up Revolution“.